Patient Rights and Obligations


Right to respect

Being cared for, respected, treated politely, properly with reasonable fees, regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, religion, social status, physical condition substance and spirit.
Your emotional, social, religious and cultural needs are respected.
Your privacy is respected.
The right to confidentiality of personal information and medical information.
Receive visitors during the hospital stay.
Protected so as not to be harmed, stolen and lost.


Right to information

Explain the state of health, treatment options and outcomes after treatment in a language you can understand (with the help of an interpreter whenever possible).
Full explanation of estimated hospital fees before conducting diagnostic, treatment or hospitalized investigations.
Be aware of the treating doctor's name as well as the names of other members of your health care team.
Provided information about treatment drugs, common effects and potential side effects of the drug.
Get the necessary care after leaving the hospital.
Be aware of the process for making complaints, presenting conflicts, disagreements, and expressing compliments and suggestions.


Right to participate in treatment decisions

Decide which family members will join or not participate in discussions about your treatment.
Requested to consult the opinion of another expert.
Right to approve or withdraw consent for treatment.
The right to refuse admission, perform diagnostic or therapeutic surveys.
The right to terminate treatment, refuse palliative care, no or no treatment to prolong life.
Right to approve or refuse to participate in any research project.


The right to medical

Properly evaluated about health status and pain control.
Be treated promptly in any emergency.
Get constant care.
No detention or isolation unless there is a medical indication that you may harm yourself or others.



Provide information

Provide as much information as possible about current health conditions, medical history, hospital stays, treated treatments, allergies and other relevant details.
Provide complete and accurate personal information including name, address, contact phone number and date of birth.
Notify us of changes in health, and / or medical condition.


Follow the treatment process

Follow the designated treatment plan and agree, and follow the health care guidelines.
Ask right away if you don't understand the diagnosis, care plan or treatment.
Responsible for the consequences of your refusal to treat or leave the hospital area against the advice of your doctor.
Please notify the hospital if you encounter any problems when implementing the treatment plan.


Follow the rules

Comply with the rules and regulations of the hospital for patients and visitors.
Respect and behave politely with hospital staff, other patients and visitors.
Go to the hospital on schedule or notice before you want to cancel your appointment.
Respect the privacy and confidentiality of other patients' information.
Responsible for preserving and maintaining proper assets and facilities of the hospital.
Performing financial obligations to the hospital.