Binh Dan hospital

Leading hospital in General Surgery & Urology


Established in 1954, over decades of continuous efforts, Binh Dan has become a leading first ranked hospital and a central route for general surgery, which is specialised in surgeries, and serves patients with serious health problems in the country's Southern region.

Binh Dan Hospital is also a prestigious training center for medical universities in Ho Chi Minh City. For many years, Binh Dan Hospital has been considered one of the most reputable and reliable hospitals in Vietnam.

With 790 beds, each year, the hospital welcomes nearly 400,000 visits of medical examination and treatment, performing more than 40,000 surgical procedures of various specialities as General Surgery, Thoracic Vascular Surgery, Oncology, Urology and Andrology...

The vision of Binh Dan Hospital is to develop professional quality in each and every activity, specialises in the areas of expertise and sustainable development; enhances the collaboration between Hospital-University to further improve the quality of medical examination and treatment, training and international cooperation.