Binh Dan hospital

Leading hospital in General Surgery & Urology


Established in 1954, Binh Dan hospital is the cradle of the surgical industry of Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces.

With a long tradition of teaching and learning, in cooperation with leading medical schools, Binh Dan Hospital is a prestigious address of people in the selection of medical examination and treatment places and a clinical practice school. amounts of generations of faculty and medical students.

With nearly 790 beds, the annual number of surgeries of Binh Dan Hospital is over 10,000 general surgeries and 13,000 urological surgeries. Besides, the number of patients coming to the hospital for outpatient examination and treatment is nearly 400,000 annually.

At present, Binh Dan Hospital is a Grade I specialized hospital and a central route for general surgery and urology with modern equipment, developing many specialized fields by professors and associate professors. Doctor, expert doctor responsible.