Being a pioneer in the field of andrology and sexual medicine in Vietnam since 1992, the department of Andrology in Binh Dan hospital is a trusted in HCM city and throughout the country. Highly-skilled surgeons and sexual medical experts have perfected the therapeutic services, including: reproductive health care, sexual health care and sexual medicine.


    • Male genital emergencies: penile fracture, spermatic cord torsion

    • Genital reconstruction surgeries for congenital abnormalities or traumatic injuries urinary of the tract : Hypospadias, Hyperspadias, genital skin loss, penile fracture .
    • Hormone therapy replacement
    • Treatment of sexual disorders: Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, male and female  sexual dysfunctions, disorders of sex development.
    • Male pre-marital health check- up.
    • Treatment of male infertility
    • Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, hypogonadism, genital tumors
    • Laboratory tests: semen analysis, testicular tissue cryopreservation, molecular biology
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